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Our Furniture Removal Resources
Our Capability -

We have vast resources and efficient systems that allow us to pick up out of all major cities every day of the week and accept bookings right up until 24 hours before the move is to take place - sometimes even less. Our expedient transit times have proven to be a marked advantage over our competitors. For example, it usually takes just 1-2 days for the Sydney-Melbourne/Sydney-Brisbane sectors and 2-4 days between Melbourne and Brisbane. We pick up anywhere in Australia and are expanding into international markets.

Our People - Our Strength

To cope with the huge volumes, expansive range of services and varied situations our organisation deals with, we employ an organic (not bureaucratic!) and responsive organisational structure. Our talented staff are trained to handle a wide range of responsibilities and are accustomed to thinking on their feet. The transport industry throws up many and varied obstacles that our staff are equipped to handle.

By choosing to move with us you can rest assured that your removal is in the hands of talented people that understand your unique set of circumstances and can handle any problem that comes their way - after all, we organise hundreds of removals every week!

The Equipment

We use only fully equipped furniture removal trucks and containers. It is a prerequisite that each vehicle contains ample furniture removal pads, blankets and ties to protect your unwrapped furniture items during transit.

All vehicles have tie-rails so that your furniture can be fixed securely into position for the journey ahead, preventing the load from shifting and crushing fragile items.

Our Removalists

We utilise only experienced and friendly furniture removalists. We don't want the headaches that come from poor performers, and neither do you. If we find a removalist to be sub-standard, that removalist will not be used. That's just common sense!

The Technology - Our Unique Edge

Our unique and streamlined quotation/booking and operations systems provide an unrivalled platform for the provision of efficient, cost effective and consistent services. Our commitment to the development and deployment of sophisticated systems reduces our costs; savings that we happily pass on to you.

Our instant online quotation and booking system exemplifies our recognition of the benefits of technology. Organising your own removal online ensures accuracy and saves on overheads. We account for this in our competitive pricing structure.

Ensuring that accurate information is collected and conveyed is crucial in making a job run smoothly from start to finish. There are a million things running through your mind in the lead up to a furniture removal, especially if it's interstate. With our online systems you have instant access to the information you need...information that is clear, uniform and there when you need it. Your quotation will be as accurate as you yourself can make it, and ensuring that the final job goes off without a hitch. In essence, our online systems put the power back in your hands.

Get an instant online quote in your own time and at your leisure.

Our Options - An Arsenal Of Services

We understand that if we can't provide everything that you are looking for at a price that can't be beat, we won't get your business. Choice is a cornerstone of our approach to business. From the bare essentials to the works, with us, the options are endless:

  • Backloading or Exclusive Use Vehicles;
  • Self-Load Containers (we drop a container at your door, you load it, we pick it up and drop it off at the delivery address and you unload it yourself!)
  • Packing and Material Supplies
  • Tiered Transit Protection Options
  • Storage and Redelivery
  • Automotive Transport
  • And more! Visit our additional services page